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Help using Diabetes Agent
5/12/14 3:15 PM
Diabetes Agent was designed to be easy to use for both adults and youths but some aspects may be a little difficult to understand.  The purpose of this post is to provide a simple overview of how to use the application with a walk through of various screens.  Hopefully after you have read through this post, you will not have any questions about the application, but if you do, please either send feedback or post a message explaining what problem you are having.

Home Screen - Bottom buttons
The reading button is used to recording meals or readings for a given time of day (i.e. lunch).  This is the central point of this application where the capturing of carbs, insulin and glucose details are saved.


The ratios button is used to define the insulin calculation ratios for the various meals (i.e. lunch). 


The target button is used to define the high, low and correction factors that are used when calculating insulin bolus values.


The food button displays various food related options including building a meal when choosing food items.  Previous meals are part of this menu and is used to review past meal details, copying meals for a current meal or changing values in a previous meal.

Home Screen Buttons

The reports screen provides the ability to print a report for meals within a given date range.


This screen lists the available modules that can be purchased to add features that can further enhance the usage of this application.

Application settings and configuration options are provided on this screen.

Reset High/Low date
This function resets the indicator for any high or low messages reflecting 3 highs or 3 lows in a row for a glucose reading.