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Children's diabetes shows big increase

This article is showing some alarming trends in childhood diabetes.

Happy Birthday Nick !

It is nearly your T1D anniversary as well, and you have done well these past 3 years !   You are handling T1D in stride, even if you do sneak a few snacks once in a while !  smiley

Hope you are enjoying camp !

Top 10 Advances in T1D Research

This article, from JDRF, details the the top 10 advances in Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) research, made possible from supporters like yourself.  This article details items such as an artificial pancreas, smart insulin, prevention and many more.

Contact lenses detect glucose levels

Amazing research is in progress that uses contact lenses to detect glucose levels and transmit that information to a device to provide constant monitoring for those with T1D.  This technology will greatly improve management and possibly reduce or eliminate the need for manual testing.  The article is here.


Diabetes Agent Version 3.0

Diabetes Agent has been updated in the Apple App Store and has added data synchronization as a new core feature.  This feature must be purchased separately but provides the ability to send information captured on the phone (meals, foods) to a central web site for additional viewing and reporting of the data captured on the device, as well as synchronizing this data with another device.  

Once data is captured on the device, it is sent to the central database for web access.  When another phone that is paired up to the 'source' phone, data is pulled down and synchronized so that all foods, meals and data is kept in sync, up to date quickly and easily.  No need to enter new foods multiple times on multiple devices or not being kept in sync with meals as all devices continuously keep in sync with each other.


Stay in touch with Diabetes Research

Here is a link to a site which focuses on Diabetes Research.   This site has a variety of publications, videos and facts to inform those wishing be aware of the researching being done to find a cure for T1D.


Smart Insulin ...

Imagine a smart insulin that can turn on and off when needed, reducing the dosage to just once a day.  While we are all still waiting for Type 1 to become Type None, research is underway to improve the lives touched by T1D.  Here is the article.


Happy Mother's Day !

To all the mothers with a child with T1D, you stand strong by keeping your child on track with managing their D ! 




Be sure to find the date and time for an upcoming JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes at this site.  

We have been part of this walk for the past two years and it is a great event for getting information for those affected by T1D.  There are vendor booths to get information about products, activities for the kids and usually there is a game truck for those video gamers out there.  

The walk starts at the OSU football stadium (the 'shoe') and goes throughout campus and meets back at the shoe and takes about a half hour.  Be sure to join in the event this year !


Diabetes Agent Version 2.50

Diabetes Agent has been updated in the Apple App Store and has some additional features that will improve its' ease of use and reporting and charting abilities.

This latest version (2.50) includes the following features:

New 'Nutrition Report' - view meals by food and nutrition details

Charting feature - view charts by category (glucose level, carb. count, etc.) in both line and bar chart format

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